About Ron Finn

Back in the 80's, Ron Finn began his music endeavors by co founding and singing for the Massachusetts based heavy metal band; MACE. The band had managed to create a "buzz" and had been highly acknowledged by the Boston music scene having opened for numerous popular metal acts such as; ANTHRAX, ARMOURED SAINT, RAVEN, SAXXON, LIZZIE BORDEN, and MALICE to name some. Unfortunately after almost ten year tenure, MACE disbanded after an entertainment lawyer failed to secure a recording contract for the band **************************************************************

Ultimately disappointed in the group's decision to call it quits, Ron took an opportunity to send a MACE demo to ANTHRAX's management for consideration in the band's quest for a new singer. This resulted in Ron being invited to audition in New York City at the Danceteria Club. Although the band had secretly selected John Bush for the spot, Ron did make the Top 10 vocalists being considered that day. 

 After a brief stint in a traveling cover band, Ron joined another band consisting of friends from the same rehearsal complex MACE once practiced in. it would prove to be not only a comfortable fit but also a coming together of some great talent that became the band ; MAD JACK. This band did also perform covers but mainly set out to compose & write a full length CD featuring the song "Raising Cain" (which one can hear on this page). It was actually this song that caught the attention of CHRIS CAFFERY of the band SAVATAGE. This resulted in an audition for Ron for the then empty lead vocalist position recently vacated by Zach Stevens. Although the job was practically secure from what was transpiring, the spot was eventually given to Damond Jiniya after Savatage producer PAUL O'NEIL decided that he would rather audition Ron for his more popular TRANS SIBERIAN ORCHESRA. **************************************************************

Prior to this audition, MAD JACK had been working on a follow up to the first CD, a three song disc under a new band name; SUSPIRIA named after the Italian horror film of the same name. Sporting an even more aggressive singing style along with darker tuned down riffs, the SUSPIRIA CD was never able to be shopped due to some band members electing to leave to pursue other career paths or simply just settling down with new families. What remained however was a killer EP that could still stand up to any of the now more popular heavy acts. **************************************************************

Just when Ron thought his number had been passed up when the Savatage/T.S. O. auditions all came to a close, their management referred Ron to the European metal band; EASY RIDER, based out of Madrid Spain. The audition almost didn't happen because of the September 11th tragedy but as soon as flights were opened once again, Ron boarded a plane and headed to Madrid for the EASY RIDER audition. **************************************************************

After being offered the lead vocalist slot for EASY RIDER, Ron returned home to the states to add lyrics & vocal melodies to what would become EASY RIDER's fourth album; "REGENERATION". With the writing then completed, the new singer for EASY RIDER flew back to Madrid in January of 2002 to record all of the vocal tracks. **************************************************************

A month and a half long tour followed the same year which took the band through out most of Spain including cities such as Seville, Murcia & Bilbao, as well as performing at the popular Spanish music festival "Vina Rock" in front of over 3,000 people. The band took advantage of a break in the tour to write new songs which would subsequently appear on the follow up to Regeneration. **************************************************************

The songwriting process with all five members coming together in their small practice space in the country side on the outskirts of Madrid proved to be extremely successful. Ideas flowed naturally and songs were completed quite fast and the result was powerful. Songs such as "Chasing Demons" and "Sacrifice" became staples on EASY RIDER's next road trek, while other experiments in different styles produced songs such as "Suddenly" and the hidden track "In My Life' (the latter of which almost didn't make the album due to a fear by the record company of the song being too "soft" for the metal community.) EASY RIDER's fifth album was aptly titled "ANIMAL" not just for its title track but for the different moods, much like that of a living beast. The art work created by artist Gyula Havencsak depicted the "face of man" busting through our planet earth as a strong statement towards mankind's primal animal like nature. **************************************************************

A tour (aptly titled; "The Animal on the Loose Tour") followed with the band finally being able to take their music to the rest of Europe visiting Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. This was a dream come true for all the members of EASY RIDER, boarding a double decker tour bus and trekking across these fabulous countries along with the band "Tierra Santa" another Spanish metal quintet. Once the tour wrapped up, EASY RIDER returned months later to cap off the tour in Spain with a handful of Spanish dates. **************************************************************

Since these dates, Ron and EASY RIDER  self-released their third album written collectively called; "FROM THE DARKNESS". A full on concept album with a killer VIDEO for the song "DEFIANCE" created by Mario Ruiz from Krea management. (see the HOME page on this site for this video). Ron returned to Spain to do a mini-tour in support of this album and still travels on occasion to perform with the band along with playing in a cover project back home in Boston. A life without music would be a life without happiness and so the journey continues for Ron.